My Studio features Digidesign's ProTools 24 & ProControl
MacIntosh Blue G3ProControl

Two 17" Multi-Scan Apple Monitors
Digidesign USD (Universal Slavedriver)
Digidesign 888 Audio Interface
Archive/Storage Sony AIT and Exabyte 8mm

2 hot swappable 9 gig drives
1 hot swappable 18 gig drive
1 fixed 9 gig drive.
Yamaha 6416 CD RW

Digidesign's ProControl

Musicam Prima LT

Microphones & Headphones
Neumann TLM 103
Beyer Dynamic MC740 PHE
AT 4033
RE 20
Two AKG K240 Studio Headphones
SX204 Symetrix Headphone Amplifier
Glyph Trip

Amplifiers and Monitors
Avalon 737sp
Gains Mic Pre-amp
2 Drawmer MX-60 Mic Pre-amps
Two Tannoy PBM-8 Monitors
Two Gaines 848 Distribution Amplifiers
200 Watt QSC 1200 Stereo Amplifier


Recorders & Players
Denon DNC 680 Compact Disc Player

Tascam DA-60 MK2 DAT Player/Recorder with Timecode
Otari DTR-90 DAT Player/Recorder with TimecodeAPT-X 128

Revox C270 1/4" Tape Recorder
Technics RS-TR575 Stereo Cassette Deck
Sony WR-565 Vari Speed Cassette Deck
Technics SL-1200 Direct Drive Turntable

Outboard Gear
Drawmer Quad Auto Compressor-Limiter DL441
Furman Power Conditioner & Light Module
Symetrix Telephone Interface TI-101
ProTools 24

Sound Effects
Sound Ideas 1000 & 2000 Series
Hollywood Edge PE1 - PE20, TE1 - TE4
Hollywood Edge Premiere Edition 3
Hollywood Edge - Foley Sounds
Network's Brainstorm